Linux 4 Windows Tutorials Mini Home Page

This page introduces our tutorials running on Damn Small Linux. If you can spare 50 Megabytes (not 50 Gigabytes, or for that matter 50 Kilobytes) you can run a great version of Linux with lots and lots of goodies on your Windows computer whether state of the art or not. You may even dust off a Windows 98 computer and use it to learn Linux instead of letting it rot in a landfill. The FAQ section answers many of your questions and sets some of our ground rules, such as not providing technical support. Next comes the clickable list of our tutorials, followed by a short description of each tutorial so that you can get a better idea of the tutorials before making your selection.

The first list comes without any explanation. The second list repeats the choices with a short explanation to help you make your selection.


More About Our Damn Small Linux Tutorials

The first tutorial shows you how to download Damn Small Linux. It’s legal and absolutely free. The Damn Small Linux people want you to use their product. And I really believe that you’ll also want to use it. Downloading Damn Small Linux

Once you have downloaded Damn Small Linux you will want to start creating files. This tutorial applies the Beaver text editor and the ls, pwd, and cat commands to set you on your way. Getting Started With Damn Small Linux Files

This tutorial applies the * and ? wildcards and the rm commands on your way to file mastery. Selecting And Deleting Damn Small Linux Files

This tutorial applies the mkdir, cd, and rm directory commands and the cp and mv file commands. In addition it introduces command options. Creating Directories, Copying, And Moving Damn Small Linux Files

This tutorial shows you how to go back and forth between the two users automatically created by Damn Small Linux and presents some differences between them. Introducing Damn Small Linux Users

This tutorial shows you create users and change their passwords. It reviews many aspects of the previous tutorial. Creating Damn Small Linux Users

This tutorial shows you how to copy text files back and forth from Linux to Windows. It is a complicated, lengthy procedure that can be well worth doing.

Copying Files Back And Forth From Linux To Windows

This tutorial shows you how to create a Backup USB pen drive, to copy Damn Small Linux files to the drive, and restore them later. While creating the drive is a lengthy procedure once it’s created copying and restoring files is quite easy.